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Reach 100k windsurfers monthly

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100k Windsurfers are engaging with our content monthly.
75k of them live in Europe.

Throughout the years BOARDS has been an integral part of Club Vass’s marketing strategy. BOARDS innovative approach allows us to reach an extended windsurfing community via digital platforms, putting Club Vass in front of vast group of customers.

Tony Both, MD, Club Vass

Rider: Aleix Sanllehy

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Page Impressions Monthly

Across all Windsurf Brands


Unique Monthly Visitors



Rider: Julien Quentel

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Rider: Annika Valkna

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AudienceUnique Monthly Visitors by Region

Onsite: On our own network



28,420 Unique Monthly Visitors



8,526 Unique Monthly Visitors


Rest of Europe

33,156 Unique Monthly Visitors


North America

9,473 Unique Monthly Visitors


Rest of World

15,159 Unique Monthly Visitors

Our work with Boards allows us to connect directly with the windsurfing public and to push our products and brands out to our real customers.

Andy Chambers, UK Brand Manager for JP/NeilPryde/NP

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Engaged Unique Monthly Users

Across all Windsurf Brands


Monthly Post Reach with 6.5% Engagement Rate

Across all Windsurf Brands



Rider: Alice Rigs

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Rider: Thomas Traversa

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AudienceEngaged Unique Monthly Users by Region

Liking, commenting and sharing our content on Facebook



2,096 Unique Monthly Visitors



662 Unique Monthly Visitors


Rest of Europe

2,868 Unique Monthly Visitors



3,200 Unique Monthly Visitors


Rest of World

2,206 Unique Monthly Visitors

Rider: Ricardo Campello

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We are now able to measure and understand much more about who our users are.

We are able to build a user profile measure how they interact with our content, their habits and what they do and don't like.

We can use this information to drive a successful campaign, serving your advertising and content to windsurfers who want to see it.

We can measure and report back on this success to you through our 3rd party partners.

Behind every tweet, share and purchase is a person, like you or me

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ReportingDigital in Europe - 2015

A snapshot of the regions key digital statistical indicators


Total Population

Urbanisation: 72%


Active Internet Users

Penetration: 70%


Active Social Media Accounts

Penetration: 46%


Mobile Connections

vs. Population: 132%


Active Mobile Social Accounts

Penetration: 34%

Source: Wikipedia, Facebook, IAB Europe 2015 and Mintel 2015

ReportingShare Of Web Traffic

Based on each devices share of the total webpages served to Web Browsers


Laptops & Desktops

Year-on-year: -12%


Mobile Phones

Year-on-year: +18%



Year-on-year: +15%


Other Devices

Year-on-year: +32%

Source: Wikipedia, Facebook, IAB Europe 2015 and Mintel 2015

Market TrendsTime Spent With Media

Figures represent users' own claimed/reported activity

3H 59M

Internet Users

Average daily use of the Internet via a PC or Tablet

1H 52M

Mobile Internet Users

Average daily use of Internet via a Mobile Phone

2H 13M

Social Media Users

Average daily use of Social Media via any device

3H 05M

Internet Users Who Watch TV

Average daily Television viewing

Source: Wikipedia, Facebook, IAB Europe 2015 and Mintel 2015

We are proud to work with BOARDS & Boardseeker. Year on year our advertising with both sites has increased the traffic and revenue brought to the business. Working closely with the magazine team we are able to create very successful marketing strategy.

Rick Findlow, Owner, Robin Hood Watersports

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50% of our 1.6 million unique monthly users across our Onsite Windsurf Network audience are now on mobile devices. We expect this to be 70% by the end of 2016.

MobileMarket Facts


Mobile now accounts for one of every two euros spent on social

Source: IAB Europe 2015 / PWC Digital Adspend 2014


There was a 16% increase in the number of people using their phones to access the internet, between 2013 and 2014

Source: Ofcom 2014


Mobile now accounts for 17.8% of the European display advertising market, with a growth rate of 72.7% since 2013.

Source: IAB Europe 2015


Almost 50% of display advertising growth in Europe is contingent on mobile advertising.

Source: IAB Europe 2015

MobileNew Mobile Specific Ad Formats

We deliver two formats together as part of a mobile EPIC Takeover, displaying your content as users scroll.

01 Top BillboardView Example

02 Interscroller View Example

MobilePaid Content Distribution

We will promote your own branded/produced content to our mobile audience

These can be videos, product reviews, list articles, rider interviews, competitions etc.

We will advise and ensure this content is formatted correctly to drive response, serving your content as we would an advert, tracking and reporting on engagement.

As part of any paid advertorial campaign we will also promote your content to our social audience - 82% of which are on mobile devices.

At Boards & More we pride ourselves on constant evolution, creation of new concepts, and technological standards. BOARDS & Boardseeker help us translate this ideology across the global windsurfing market. Their digital development and extensive reach across windsurfing is key part of our marketing strategy.

Nik Baker, Pro Rider & UK Distributor for Fanatic/North Sails/ION

Photographer: Carter



In an average week, 18-25 year olds spend 91 minutes online watching short video clips.
Source: IAB Europe 2015

VideoMarket Facts


In an average week, we spend 51 minutes watching short clips (e.g. clips within Facebook/news articles, YouTube, Vines, music videos etc.); 18-24 year olds spend 91 mins.

Source: IAB UK Online Video Research 2015


34% more people watch online videos compared to a year ago; the biggest growth demographic are 35-44 year olds - up by 44%.

Source: IAB UK Online Video Research 2015


On average, we share 5.5 short video clips each week

Source: IAB UK Online Video Research 2015


75% of people have noticed adverts when watching short video clips

Source: IAB UK Online Video Research 2015


Online video advertising grew 39.3% in Europe in 2014, now representing 15.5% of the European display advertising market.

Source: IAB Europe 2015


Online video ad spend values ranged from €0.3m in Belarus to €507.5m in UK in 2014.

Source: IAB Europe 2015

Since 2010 Starboard has run a joined campaign across BOARDS & Boardseeker, it allows us to reach very engaging UK and Worldwide audience. Without advertising on both sites, we feel windsurfing market would not be aware of Starboard as much as other brands.

Fabian McGovern, Project Manager, Starboard Windsurf

Rider: Ricardo Campello

Photographer: Carter

VideoPaid Video Content Distribution

As the web audience shifts from desktop to mobile, video content is more important that ever before to enable you to communicate effectively with your potential customers on mobile devices.

These are statements we hear regularly from our advertisers currently;

We spend all this money on great content, but struggle to distribute it and drive views

There is so much content out there, we struggle to get standout around our video content

This year we are focusing on producing less content so that we can activate around it better to drive views - less is more

We can reach the core windsurf market, but struggle to drive views to the wider windsurf market

Factory Media have invested a lot of time, effort and money to solve this issue for our brand partners

Using our own audience, plus Facebook and YouTube - we are now able to drive targeted organic and paid video views on your video content to guarantee a pre-agreed, targeted amount of the right eyeballs on your content.

Madison Genesis

View Case Study


We can deliver your 10-15 second advert at the start of our video content. We can deliver two types of video pre-roll, we suggest you book a blend of both types.

Tier 1 Onsite

Onsite served on inventory on our own Windsurf Network - ie people watching videos on our own sites. Our average CTR in 2014 on these pre-rolls was 12%.

Cost: £50 CPM / €60 CPM

Tier 2 Offsite

Served only to people who we know have watched our windsurf content on our sites, but delivered anywhere they are on the web - ie on other websites. Typically the average CTR on this inventory is 2%.

Cost: £30 CPM / €40 CPM

Boards Magazine is the market leading Digital platform in the UK and we are always impressed how much traffic comes through from Boards to our site each month.

Stu Rose, Manager 4Boards.co.uk

Credit: Starboard



Factory Media are producing and distributing more and more content on behalf of both brands and agencies.

Photographer: Carter


Factory Media are producing more and more content, both for brands and agencies

We have access to a talented pool of content producers - both staff and freelance - and can provide you with filmers, photographers, copy writers and translators.

We would be interested in receiving briefs from you to produce content. This could be for web, broadcast TV or social media.

We can also advise on re-formatting your content for distribution


We will distribute your content and brand messages across the web to a relevant, interested and engaged audience.

We can place your content in front of the right people / potential customers, who we know are actually interested to see it and in the right country.

Photographer: T Indra

ContentMarket Facts

Content & Native now makes up 22% (£509m) of display ad spend in the UK

Source: IAB Europe 2015

Spending on Native is forecast to increase more than sevenfold by 2018

Source: Mintel 2015

Factory Media reach an active community and are the perfect platform for our activity holidays. They deliver a strong return on our investment and are always willing to go the extra mile.

Matt Cook. Head of Online Marketing, Alpine Elements

Credit: Starboard



We will push your brand message, new product or team riders


We will drive shares of your content


We will help ensure people are commenting and liking your content

Referral / Ecom

We will direct people to your site



We are working hard to deliver new formats for you to reach and engage with our audience.

AdvertisingMarket Facts

The European online advertising market recorded double-digit growth in 2014 for a fifth consecutive year at 11.8% to a market value of €30.7bn

Source: IAB Europe 2015

Display advertising spend was the fastest growing format in 2014 at 15.5% and was the main propellant behind the surge in online advertising across Europe.

Source: IAB Europe 2015

AdvertisingRich Media Formats

New rich media formats to engage with our desktop audience.

AdvertisingNew Mobile Specific Ad Formats

Digital Ad Specs

Download all the specs for digital advertising here.

View Specs



We know competitions drive amazing engagement with our users. We have invested and improved how we deliver competitions.

CompetitionsWhat Am I Buying?

What is available?

We can now create and run really flexible competitions for you, based off several different mechanics – for example a user photo comp on Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat, a Quiz or a caption competition.

Alongside your competition mechanic, we can also foreground key content/messaging for you – this could be a new video or product release. We can also include calls to action to purchase product, register to an email newsletter, sign up to social channels etc.

Importantly, this competition/content hub can be hosted on both your/our sites and social pages for maximum promotion. It will be optimised for device (including mobile). We can also ensure the competition is delivered to the audience who is most likely to engage.

What are the Benefits?




Data collection

Photographer: Carter

CompetitionsThe Package

Using Photo as an example below. Other formats are available.


Photo Competition:

1x month-long Social Photo Competition via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram hosted on Windsurf Network

  • Competition Entries Driven By

  • Curated Social Wall
  • 500,000 Display formats on FM relevant sites (Run of Network)
  • x16 social posts
  • Social seeding with influencers

Value: £20,000 / €28,000

Cost: £10,000 / €14,000


Photo Competition:

1x month-long Social Photo Competition via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram hosted on 2x Windsurf Brand Sites

  • Competition Entries Driven By

  • Curated Social Wall
  • 200,000 Display formats on FM relevant sites (Run of Network)
  • x10 social posts
  • Social seeding with influencers

Value: £12,500 / €17,500

Cost: £5,500 / €7,500


Photo Competition:

1x month-long Social Photo Competition via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram hosted on 1x Windsurf Brand Sites

  • Competition Entries Driven By

  • Curated Social Wall
  • 100,000 Display formats on FM relevant sites (Run of Network)
  • x6 social posts

Value: £8,000 / €11,200

Cost: £3,000 / €4,000

CompetitionsCase Studies



We have an experienced team to help answer any questions you may have.


We have an experienced team to help answer any questions you may have.

Adrian Jones

+44 (0) 207 042 9712

Matt Fenton

Sales Director
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Chris Brown

Key Accounts Director
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Moni Woderschek

Account Manager - Germany
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Sam Thompson

Head of Rights Sales
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Natalie Holden

Head of Distribution
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